Mt. Rainier Process

A History of Mt. Rainier Process


First B/W Rough Version

My initial approach was vague and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do other than the fact that it should relate to some aspect of nature. Drawing on my own experience, I then started with national parks (in the US) since I have travelled to many of them during holidays with my family. This sketch is a way to show how the data could potentially be shown. 


Second B/W Rough Version

From the first version, I needed to focus on a more specific subject so that I could gather enough concrete data with complexity. I loved the national parks as a whole, but within the parks themselves I really admired mountains. Going with that, I decided to compare mountain heights around the world.


There were many considerations about comparing mountain heights from around the world that I hadn't realized, such as which mountains to choose and from which regions, and what counted as the shortest mountain, and so on. Focusing further, Mt. Rainier struck me as the mountain I wanted to research deeper about and be the focus of for this project. 



Because I focused on a single mountain, I could now research different aspects about it. From here, I interviewed a few members of a local New York mountaineering group about various aspects to consider while mountain climbing, and if any of them have summited Mt. Rainier (answer: yes). I also looked into data regarding visitation, climbing routes and successful climbs, and the glaciers on the summit.

In this version I had trouble reconciling geographical data of the mountain with the data of visitors and climbers as the map overlay wasn't really working out.



After receiving feedback and some discussion, it looked like that a circular could coherently display the information I wanted to convey. Earlier I had dismissed it in my mind because it seemed like a "trendy" visual for infographics but when paired with a strong reason to do so, then I think it works!

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 9.59.00 PM.png


Above I was figuring out how to deal with the numbers and starting to construct the circular format for the outcome.