A project in making an intangible and complex scientific phenomena more understandable through a sensorial/engaging experience, as well as an exploration into information design and communicating an idea through reduction.

SHY is essentially a possible reason for why we sleep. SHY is an acronym which stands for the synaptic homeostasis hypothesis. 
While it is not THE reason for why sleep occurs, it produces a reasonable and intriguing argument for why sleep is something that our bodies need. When we're awake and intaking new information, the brain makes connections between neurons called synapses. As we're sleeping, synapses are pared back as needed to keep a sustainable level of synaptic connections that the brain can maintain.

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Two parts make up this outcome: a video explaining the different steps of the SHY hypothesis, along with a simple physical model to demonstrate the process alongside the video. While most can absorb information through watching/hearing about a concept, having a physical model to interact with can solidify the information as well. 

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